Home trends for 2017: What's in what's out? 

Welcome 2017!  Among new changes is to keep your home updated on what’s in and what’s out in home trends. Owners realized the importance of making the most out of their homes as havens to satisfy their expectations of a good life. They want a peaceful & quiet place to indulge their passion for arts; to be entertained; to have fun & play games, to satisfy their hobbies and even to acquire sports skills for health and fitness. They also devote a place for the culture to strengthen their heritage.

Focused on modern styles, home designs are kept affordable using newer quality but inexpensive products. Prepare for a bright year as your homes dressed in mixed patterns, happy motifs, and cheery colors. Although shades tend to be on the neutral tones of beige and gray but you can see lots of bright colors popping up to break the monotony. 

For a beautiful home, watch for trends on what to include and what to avoid.

What’s in?

Happy motifs

Butterflies give beauty and color so it is time to add some breathtaking butterfly imagery to your interior. Butterflies are increasingly appearing as a buoyant, happy motif in home designs. As graceful and optimistic symbols, the butterfly’s place is now beyond children’s rooms but extends all over your home. Whatever is your color scheme; you can find an array of butterfly homeware in vibrant tones or sugar almond pastels to enhance your home. 

Faux finish

A fashionable trend this year, faux is not limited only in fur rugs but faux are materials considered as budget-friendly and sometimes a more reliable alternative to authentic materials. Faux wood ceiling beams are used for durability as it can't rot, can withstand heat and acidic substances better than Carrara marble. In some trends, you can find counters of faux leather counters, including faux foliage and gray manufactured floors. They make an ideal alternative to the complicated task of applying gray finishes to hardwoods.

Cerused Wood 

From a ceruse finish, the unique grain of wood comes out. This popular trend has been in the high-end market for some time and is now universally accepted. Notice how cerused woods make cabinets and larger pieces like tables, chairs, and storage furniture lend elegance and sophistication in every room.


Cork is coming back as this stylish material idea adds warmth and texture to spaces. It is also ideal for absorbing noise in increasingly large, open plan homes that answer your need for peace and quiet. Use cork as material for coffee table bases combined with stone tops. Cork is functional to clad the entire walls in the home office and used to pin reminder notes to message family. Make a solid cork stool or side table to add to your furniture.


Remember how royal and elegant palace of royalty looks? Marble is back as it becomes a huge trend in modern homes. It used to dominate the tile market looking superb when paired with wood and metal. Marble wall covering carpet and fabric are awesome. There is no market untouched by this dominant material!


Popular cool and white toned materials will be replaced by warm materials such as terracotta. The natural color of terracotta appears shades of brown and orange range of the color palette. The natural matte finish will be featured in walls of bathrooms or in fireplaces. Rustic terracotta tiles are no longer used as this matte finish trends add character and warmth to interiors.

Dark green

Dark shades of green will become the interior color of the year replacing navy and midnight blues. Dark green is now the fave paint color for rooms especially in the bedroom for it creates a wintery backdrop for brass lamps, natural linen, tan leathers and reindeer furs. Use it as an accent in your feature armchair or cushions and decor items to add depth and invite colors from the outdoors. This cheery shade of green will dominate home decor, fashion and commercial design in 2017. Green symbolizes refreshment and revitalization to alleviate complex social and political environment.

Jewel tones

Pastel shades of pink and blue are now passé and replaced by jewel tones inspired by the clouds, cosmos, metals, space and stars. To add more sparkle and break the monotony, it will be metallics, metals, and raw-cut quartz.  Transparent materials of floaty silks and sheer create a lightness and soft romantic element to embody optimism for the New Year.

Art-Inspired Wallpaper

Organic striped wallpaper looks more like a mural and less like a traditional wall covering. Copied from an art piece by a watercolor artist, this beautiful painting is reproduced in large scale. It comes in different textures; you can print it on seagrass or rice paper and comes in different colors. It’s such a cool way of doing art. It is definitely a boost to your aesthetic sense looking at all those cream backdrops filled with geometric lines bursting into full-blown huge florals.

Matte appliances  

Give your kitchen a new bold look without being harsh in-your-face. Have objects with a matte finish to eliminate all other distractions like surface sheen. Matte can also be an ideal unexpected finish for objects that are traditionally lustrous or glossy. This surprise can serve as a wonderful layer in your design, adding depth to the overall composition and a counterpoint to other finishes.

Upholstered bedheads

This year, beds will undergo a dramatic change with upholstered bed heads replacing timber bed frames that used to dominate the market. They are now used as fave furniture found in hotel bedrooms and homes of celebrity. You have other options; you can opt for the classic model in neutral color equipped with buttons, or a luxurious style in velvet. After updating your bedhead is an easy way, you have created an instantaneous glamorous bedroom.


Nooks and quiet places at home offer a place to enjoy peace away from the technological environment and the madding crowd. You deserve a place to escape from the ever-increasing amount of time spent in front of a computer or smartphone screen during the day. You have to big spaces of calm and tranquility for some time to escape digital distraction. It could be your bedroom or a nook with relaxed furniture like deep & soft sofas with linen slip covers.

What’s out?


Pairing antiques with pieces from the same period are classical but it is out. No one will be interested in designing an entire space, let alone an entire home, with a strict period in mind. It's more aesthetically intriguing to create looks that are the cohesive marriage of elements from the past and the future.

Brushed metal

Industrial looking or burnished metals have had their day. Shiny, warm metals like bronze and gold lend elegance to space. But they are susceptible to damage for their detrimental effect on corrosion resistance. 


Goodbye to copper and rose gold in 2017 as predicted by fashion gurus. As a material, copper is beautiful and will always be in style in some way or another. However, excessive use of cheap and shiny imitation copper has ended. In its place, expect a more industrial aesthetic alternative. You will see a shift away from this super polished look and see more industrial products with black steel and burnished metals taking over your kitchen. 

Fiddle leaf figs

Fiddle leaf fig used to be very popular and it will soon be substituted by a new statement indoor plant. Consumers are tired of the fiddle leaf fig’s look around the house. It does not only cost much but proven difficult to keep alive due to climate. It is a native in parts of western Africa so difficult to acclimatize. With fiddle leaf figs out of the picture, an easier replacement is olive trees. The new replacement is easy to look after and is fitted for the climate.

Quote artworks

Quote artworks as décor have enjoyed years of popularity as consumers are moving away from it as it is considered extremely outdated. The time of quote artwork is over. These posters have had their day. So it is time to keep them as they might become a fad again in the future.

Open plan living

There are no or few walls dividing area found in an open-plan space. The dining room, kitchen and living room are in an open flowing layout. It is difficult to overcome the problem of acoustics and cooking smells that permeate throughout the area. No more open living as the only solution to the issues. Modern layout trend is bringing back the closed kitchen and provide more privacy to the residents.

Oversized furniture

Since space is a premium especially in tiny apartments and condos, you need the creative and functional use of space. Oversized furniture is great for big spaces but they have become a liability in the efficient use of space. So new trends will see furniture that is ideally scaled to space or custom-designed to appropriately fit.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles used to be popular with modern bathrooms and kitchen for decades as they are both affordable and versatile. However, their popularity has waned because homebuilders realized that there are better and more affordable options. In fact, subway tiles they are no longer visible in local cafes where they used to be. As an alternative: combine an affordable ceramic backsplash tile using either glass or stone, or you can use mosaics of glass and stone. Slice them into strips and mix with the backsplash design.

Like fashion, home trends are constantly changing with the times; some materials go like brushed metal, copper and subway tiles and are replaced by cerused wood, cork, marble, and terracotta; say goodbye to open plan living and hello to dark green and jewel tones. Innovations are always better, especially for home trends. So changes are welcome and anticipated every year!